The Harlestone Village Design Statement (VDS)


A Village Design Statement is a formal document detailing what is valued by the local community, and it is intended to act as a planning aid.

It aims to achieve this objective by providing clear and detailed information about existing structures for consideration in the design of any future developments, subject to the context of Harlestone being a “restraint” village. It is therefore VITALLY important if we as a community wish to influence future development.

A team comprising Harlestone parishioners has been working on the VDS for some months. A final draft is with DDC (Daventry District Council) for approval, consultation and sign off.

However, by definition, the "official text" will be focused toward the planning aspects of the document, and the team thought that residents might find the original document to be of interest as it contains a lot more information about your village.

The original draft has therefore been made available as a pdf document. The contents of this document are as follows:

- Village context - incorporating its history and economy

- Landscape - character and sustainability

- Settlements within the village

- Buildings

- Conservation and development

- Highways and street furniture.

If you have any questions about the draft, or indeed the final version, please contact us to get in touch with a team member. The team comprised Tudor Ashton Davies, Jenny Cross, Lynn Dyball, Mohan Malhotra, Ken Waller, Allan Wilson and Mark Yoxen.

Draft Village Design Statement

Click the link above to access the pdf document (you will, of course, require adobe acrobat installed.)