The Harlestone Charities

There are two charities operating for the benefit of local residents: "The Educational Foundation" and "Harlestone Relief in Need".

The procedure for making claims is to apply to the Clerk to the Trustees, currently Ms. S. Cockerill, 24 Grass Slade, Brixworth, Northants, NN6 9HZ. Tele: 07850 007171. Your letter should state the nature of the need and supply such information and details which would be helpful in considering the case.

All correspondence and information are treated in the strictest confidence, as are the procedings of the meetings of the trustees.

Applications are always given the most careful consideration, bearing in mind that the income is there to be used, provided that the trustees are free to do so under the terms of the charity commissioners' scheme.

The trustees usually meet in January, April, July and October with extra meetings if applications require immediate attention.

The Educational Foundation

The Harlestone Educational Foundation is for the promotion of education to people under the age of 25 and resident in Harlestone.

1. In awarding bursaries or maintenance allowance where there is financial need to anyone in secondary or higher education.

2. In providing financial assistance towards clothing, tools, instruments, books or travel in connection with entering a trade or profession on leaving school or higher education.

3. In providing financial assistance to any school in the parish toward an item not provided by the local authority.

4. In providing assistance to any charitable organisation in the parish which organises leisure time activities that develop young people physically, mentally or morally.

Harlestone Relief in Need

The charity exists to help individuals or groups living who are in need, by making grants of money or paying for items or facilities to relieve that need. Grants will be made only after the Trustees are satisfied that all relevant statutory benefits have been claimed by he beneficiary.