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Church Lane, Harlestone, Northampton NN7 4EN


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Telephone No: 01604 842391


Dear Parents & Carers

There has been a school in the village of Harlestone since 1721. The present building dates from 1884 but was seriously damaged by a fire in 1978, when it lost its thatched roof.


It was subsequently remodelled before being re-opened by the late Earl Spencer. In recent years it has grown from about 20 pupils in 1986, to its current total of just over 50.


In order to create more space, the interior was remodelled again in the summer of 1996 and again in 2006, when a mezzanine floor was added creating a staff room, library and an extra group-teaching area upstairs. Further improvements are being made, including accommodation specifically for use by Reception Year children and IT equipment for the whole school.

Harlestone is a small school, priding itself on its family atmosphere. Children are treated as individuals, and we get to know them very well.

In this way we are able to meet specific needs through a variety of individual, group and class work activities. We have high expectations of all pupils socially and academically, endeavouring to ensure that all children realise their full potential.

The staff is committed and aims to work in partnership with parents and carers. We strive to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all children, providing them with many opportunities to interact and develop personal qualities such as consideration, confidence, initiative and responsibility.

Since September 2010, we have been working in partnership with Brington Primary School, a very similar school in our neighbouring village.

The two schools have one Executive Headteacher.

This arrangement was the first of its kind in the County. Having twice the number of children and staff has already reaped benefits such as the formation of a joint choir, breakfast club, shared planning, staff expertise and training.

To find out more about our work, please click on the link to our school website.


The Ethos of the School

We at Harlestone School value the whole person and their individuality. We hope to promote and celebrate a caring community that shows respect to others and their environment.

The aims of the school are to ensure that:

We encourage all our school community to follow the Golden Rules.

Golden Rulesplayground

Do be gentle Do not hurt anybody

Do be kind & helpful Do not hurt people’s feelings

Do work hard Do not waste time

Do look after property Do not waste or damage things

Do listen to people Do not interrupt

Do be honest Do not cover up the truth